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The Rambler 2013 Online

The Rambler 2013

Descriere film "The Rambler 2013"

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Vizionare placuta a acestui film de comedie. 
The Rambler opens with its titular character (Dermot Mulroney) being released from jail. We're not sure why he was in jail, and it definitely wasn't to ride ponies, but from the look of his welcome home party -- full of miscreants -- it's safe to assume he did something pretty moronic to get in. Well, somebody in Hell still likes him, because he has a run-down mobile home, a good-for-nothing girlfriend (Natasha Lyonne) who loves booze as much as she loves him, and a shit job at the local pawn shop waiting for him. Despite his "good" fortune, The Rambler decides to hit the road to make his way to his brother's ranch, where's he's promised a good job and healthy life. That is, if he can make it to the ranch..
Vizualizări: 955 | Încărcat de: [ sorynik] | Data: 25 Apr 2017

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Film The Rambler 2013 Online

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